Alex Minsky’s Fight

Alex Minsky, a name synonymous with heroic determination to overcome adversity. He gave his right leg for his country, stands tall with a sense of freedom and hopes to inspire others with his story. Born and raised in Orange County, … Read Full Article
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No Legs, No Excuses

On June 13th, 2012 21 year old Marine, Chris Van Etten was on a routine patrol with his infantry unit when his friend stepped on an IED (Improvised Explosive Devise). The explosion left the Marine lying helpless on the ground … Read Full Article

Run For Your Life

It was an average Sunday afternoon on March, 25th 2012 for 20 year old Alan Huneycutt and his best friend Stephanie when they drove away from home and off the side of a mountain. She was killed on impact … Read Full Article
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Myths of the Core

Years before becoming a chiropractor I worked as a kinesiologist (or Exercise Therapist as we were called at the time) at a large rehabilitation center in Alberta. During that time I was charged with developing a specific core stability program… Read Full Article

Eating to lose weight

First let me start off by saying that what I am writing is meant as a general guideline and that anyone following a new eating plan should really be under the watchful eye of a healthcare professional with a background … Read Full Article

7 Healthy Drinks

Adults should be drinking around two liters of liquid every day, but what are the very best beverages you can drink to keep you healthy? Here are seven drinks that you should incorporate into your diet wherever possible:     … Read Full Article

Exercise and Lung Healt…

1. Deteriorating circumstances. Individuals who have lung disease often feel that it is impossible to exercise because they suffer from muscle weakness, fatigue, and shortness of breath. When they try to exercise, they get discouraged and stop working out when … Read Full Article

Bless Your Virus

A Profile on HIV/AIDS Educator and Activist Alexander Smith

By Chavonny Tillotson

Alexander Smith, the dynamic and multi-faceted professional from Salt Lake City, Utah did everything right. On paper, he’s what many would consider a success: an entrepreneur with a … Read Full Article

Amandita The Great!

It was Christmas 2008 in New York City and Amanda Sullivan had been an aid worker for nearly a decade working with orphans, refugees and abused women and children. She’d been to Costa Rica, Chile, Panama and ran an orphanage … Read Full Article

Better Sex

Now who would have thought that something as simple as food could increase or decrease the benefits of sex? Low and behold we have found the foods that will improve your sex drive or at least turn your partner

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