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Benefits of Sex

Every human being is hardwired with the inane desire to have sex, yet few people realize the benefits that a regular, healthy sex life has on our bodies and minds. Especially in today’s society as professional demands inc… Read Full Article


The Power of Sleep

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Sleep

Forget about beauty sleep for just a moment. All that work you put in the gym, flexing those muscles. All the blood, sweat and tears, making sure you are one step closer today than you were yes… Read Full Article


Myths of the Core

Years before becoming a chiropractor I worked as a kinesiologist (or Exercise Therapist as we were called at the time) at a large rehabilitation center in Alberta. During that time I was charged with developing a specific core s… Read Full Article


7 Healthy Drinks

Adults should be drinking around two liters of liquid every day, but what are the very best beverages you can drink to keep you healthy? Here are seven drinks that you should incorporate into your diet wherever possible:


&… Read Full Article