Train Like a Machine

Retired Army Sergeant Noah Galloway doesn’t believe in giving up. After losing his left arm and leg in a road side bomb in Iraq in 2005, he directed his focus to inspiring others by competing in grueling endurance events and obs… Read Full Article


Mike Chat Leading the W…

Mike Chat is a 5th degree black belt, seven-time World Martial Arts Champion, former Blue Power Ranger and Founding Father of the internationally acclaimed Xtreme Martial Arts. With over 23 years of experience in the Arts, heâ… Read Full Article

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Benefits of Sex

Every human being is hardwired with the inane desire to have sex, yet few people realize the benefits that a regular, healthy sex life has on our bodies and minds. Especially in today’s society as professional demands inc… Read Full Article


The Power of Sleep

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Sleep

Forget about beauty sleep for just a moment. All that work you put in the gym, flexing those muscles. All the blood, sweat and tears, making sure you are one step closer today than you were yes… Read Full Article