A Soldier’s Fight To Live

Mylee Yc is a 29 year old Veteran in the Army, a single mother and survivor of Breast Cancer who is currently still serving while undergoing the final stages of her treatment.

Upon meeting Mylee, one might be surprised to learn that she’s a former Drill Instructor in the United States Army. Judging by her grace and the immediate sense of comfort she exudes to those around her, it would be hard to imagine just how strong she is or how much she’s had to endure for her country, her family and ultimately for herself.

Positive outcome from a negative situation

Given the opportunity to face her mortality with humility and accept her own vulnerability, Yc shares with us her experience fighting her diagnoses and eventually embracing a new perspective as she transitions from “Super Mom”, to “Happy Mom” and into a life less burdened.

Have that moment, feel that pain and realize what you’re up against. Today is what we’re all about. You CHOOSE to fight.

When we’re faced with the promise of achievement, sometimes we get lost in the possibility of our own greatness until we’re faced with our single shared truth, that we all have to die someday. Mylee is an example of a powerful woman who sought the highest ranks and found balance in her own fragility and peace in being reminded that we all fall sometimes, but together we stay in the fight. With the voice of and sentiment of a caring mother, the heart of a gentle friend and the strength of a hundred men, she faces her own fears head on and continues to make up her own mind about how she’s going to continue to live.

Mylee Yc is currently still serving in the Army and planning to transition into civilian life where she plans to work with other fighters and inspire those still fighting for their lives. For more information and to contact Mylee, please go to: https://www.facebook.com/bperfectlyflawed

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