Jeremy B. Manning

Jeremy B. Manning is a Master Trainer, Two-Time International Bronze Medalist in Tae Kwon Do and the Founder of He was featured on the cover of the October, 2011 issue of The FIGHT Magazine for his experience using martial arts to overcome a 4 year meth addiction and how he used sports and fitness to change his life. He’s an Army Veteran and a survivor of domestic abuse, poverty and a severe illness. He believes that strength is a state of mind and started Manning Up USA as a beacon for those who still fight for their lives. Manning is a contributing writer for The FIGHT Magazine and he can be heard every Monday at 1pm (PST) on his radio show, “Manning Up” where he shares stories of triumph with his guests and how they’ve used sports and fitness to overcome adversity.

Danny Jenkins

Danny Jenkins has worked in the addiction treatment field since 1987 in program and grant development. He has designed and initiated health-related prevention and treatment programs for people living with HIV, addiction, Hepatitis C and youth populations – models that are still recognized and replicated as compassionate, effective and cost-efficient. Danny’s studies in theater, foreign language and adult education prepared him for work in non-profits as a program development and grant writing specialist. He’s proud to have co-founded Los Angeles County’s HIV-Drug and Alcohol Task Force and to currently serve as co-chair of L.A. County’s Hepatitis C Task Force. His company, “We Write the Grants” is devoted to nonprofit growth through program development and grant acquisition. But one of the most satisfying events in his life is seeing the awakening that occurs within someone who is beginning to realize the freedom they can experience through recovery. “My journey of recovery can be viewed as a derailment from a future that might have been, or the road to self-discovery that afforded me the rare privilege to know myself, my place in the world and my possibility.”

Dr. Gino Pucino

Dr. Gino Pucino, DC MA BS has worked in the health and fitness industry for most of his career. His humble beginning as a self-proclaimed, “90lb weakling” was no indication of the extent of his passion for fitness and well-being or where it would lead him. From his prestigious academic performance at the University of Rhode Island where he studied Exercise Science, to his position at “Shake-A-Leg” working with para and quadriplegics, Dr Pucino has always held a deep sense for wellness and healing. After an extensive career as a Person Trainer, Dr. Pucino entered a rigorous program at the Cleveland Chiropractic College in LA, CA where he graduated with honors. While fighting an anxiety disorder he remained loyal to the belief that exercise is more than just fitness. It’s the key to physical and mental wellbeing. In his practice he continues to use exercise to maintain his disorder and proclaims that, “staying fit physically and mentally keeps me fit spiritually and makes it easier for me to stay balanced.” Dr. Gino has been a member of the sober community for four years and continues to meld his passion for health and wellness with his service to such organizations as Team To End AIDS where he has offered his gift to athletes who push their own limitations to help others in need. Dr. Gino Pucino is now on staff at Back To Total Health in West Hollywood, a full service rehabilitation center where he works along-side his long-time friend and mentor, Dr. Eric Swartz D.C.

Chavonny Tillotson

Chavonny Tillotson joins Manning Up USA with an extensive background writing for numerous publications. His journalism skills have proven insightful having been characterized by his experiences overcoming addiction and illness. He’s captured and written the unique stories of several leading artists, entrepreneurs and organizations within the Los Angeles community and beyond. As a contributing writer for Manning Up USA, Chavonny hopes to educate and inspire his readers with all-embracing, biographical looks inside the lives of heroic individuals who all have one thing in common: triumph! “Having lived with addiction myself, I understand the need for Manning Up USA, and being a part of it gives me the opportunity to interact with individuals who have been victorious in the face of great challenge, and that inspires me.” Tillotson is currently a contributing writer for the NoHo Communications Group, Inc.

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