News, resources and tips for positive life change. Using Health, Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition to overcome adversity – Because You Don’t Need A Reason To Treat Yourself Right!

Manning Up USA is comprised of health and fitness professionals and enthusiasts sharing stories of triumph and helping others overcome adversity. Our vision is a beacon for those still fighting for their lives. Our mission is to provide inspirational stories, useful resources and educational guidance on ways of using sports and fitness to gain strength and initiate action. Everyone suffers. Everyone faces new challenges every day. Our community of champions is united against defeat. Failure is a part of life, and always produces an informative lesson. Giving up is never an option. We stand together to find strength and hope from our shared experience. Strength is a state of mind, not just a physical presence. There is no justification necessary for a commitment to self-care and advancement. We are Manning Up. Are you?     JOIN US!

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