Bless Your Virus

A Profile on HIV/AIDS Educator and Activist Alexander Smith

By Chavonny Tillotson

Alexander Smith, the dynamic and multi-faceted professional from Salt Lake City, Utah did everything right. On paper, he’s what many would consider a success: an entrepreneur with a … Read Full Article

Amandita The Great!

It was Christmas 2008 in New York City and Amanda Sullivan had been an aid worker for nearly a decade working with orphans, refugees and abused women and children. She’d been to Costa Rica, Chile, Panama and ran an orphanage … Read Full Article

Better Sex

Now who would have thought that something as simple as food could increase or decrease the benefits of sex? Low and behold we have found the foods that will improve your sex drive or at least turn your partner

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Workout Depression

You’d be surprised how many people around you are clinically depressed. During my career I’ve trained many people who suffered from depression. My hunch is you probably know someone right now who is struggling with depression. The Good News Duke … Read Full Article

Burning Joints

The Importance of Exercise to Joint Heath. Joint health should be a concern for everyone—regardless of your age. Joints are the points where two bones meet and are equipped with muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and Synovial membranes that are built to … Read Full Article

A Soldier’s Fight To …

Mylee Yc is a 29 year old Veteran in the Army, a single mother and survivor of Breast Cancer who is currently still serving while undergoing the final stages of her treatment. Upon meeting Mylee, one might be surprised to … Read Full Article